About myself


I like old things rather than new things. Smells of old woody furniture, styles of old life, ... and so on. Old things and atmosphere bring me kind of relief. When I start drawing with a sheet of blank paper, in a way I am searching an inner space in which I can be relieved, referring to my vague memories of very young childhood.

You may know the famous Japanese illustrator, Takehisa Yumeji. His work gives us an unique way of looking at the life and atmosphere of Taisho and early Showa era (1910 - 30). I appreciate his illustrations. Fukiya Koji and Nakahara Junnichi's pictures are very attractive to me too. My drawing touch is somewhat influenced by their characteristic ways of expression.

personal history
Real Name: Hizuru Muramatsu
1960 - 65 spent young childhood in a country area in Kansai.
1991 - 94 learned basic drawing technique at Kodansha Famous School.
If you would like to use my pictures or to have new ones, please contact me.

A case of the use (my pictures on CD covers)